Why is Change Hard? Part 1One of the toughest challenges CHEK Professionals face when coaching clients to a healthier, dream-affirmative life is helping them navigate the pathway of change.

It’s easy to look at a change as simple as drinking more water and assume it should be easy to do. However, attaching a should to any kind of change makes it harder to do.

In his latest video for the CHEK Blog, Faculty Member Jator Pierre explains why change is difficult and how we articulate it by using shoulds is one way to run away from it.

Why is change so hard? “Something as simple as drinking more water requires a tremendous amount of energy if the person isn’t there yet,” Jator says. “Looking at my own life, I don’t think about water. My filtering is habitual. My bottling of it is habitual.”

As you watch this latest video, think about how you approach change with clients. Sometimes, as Jator describes, a simple 10-minute walk in the park can be the first necessary step toward cultivating the amount of energy a client needs to make changes that become health habits in their lives.

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