Matt Maruca: The Light In Your Life: What You Need To Know!

Do you pay attention to your daily exposure to light both indoors and outdoors? Did you know how critical light exposure can be for your health?

Paul talks to Matt Maruca about what maintaining a healthy light diet means, what most makers of blue blocking glasses miss and his company Ra Optics.

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  • Our lack of contact with daily outdoor sunlight damages our mitochondria. (7:50)
  • Biohacking vs bioharmonizing. (28:48)
  • Improper breathing = a low priority differential and feeling tired. (37:14)
  • Light: Another form of nutrition. (48:09)
  • Our body’s circadian rhythms and light. (1:06:14)
  • Did you know sunlight exposure on testicles increases a man’s testosterone production? (1:11:15)
  • Being bathed in sunlight may affect your metabolism in very positive ways. (1:39:33)
  • The importance of ultraviolet light for our planet. (1:43:35)
  • The sun: A multivitamin in the sky. (1:58:10)
  • How Matt built Ra Optics, his company that produces blue light glasses. (2:09:12)
  • Why it’s important to block blue light from the sun. (2:14:03)
  • The problem with most blue blocker glasses on the market. (2:41:52)
  • Mike’s simple advice for making modest improvements in sun healthy exposure. (2:55:45)

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