Dr. Zach Bush: The Reincarnation of Hippocrates?

There’s a pretty good chance you’ve seen or heard about the work and philosophies of Dr. Zach Bush on YouTube videos or programs like the Rich Roll podcast.

But what makes him lay awake at night thinking about how our planet and the human race is going to survive?

Paul explores the deepest realms of Zach philosophies that makes him worry about the world, his family and his grandchildren in this expansive Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Zach’s work at his website and Farmer’s Footprint, and on social media via FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

Living 4D listeners can save 15 percent on Zach’s ION*Biome line of products (excluding subscriptions) until July 28 by visiting this website and using the code CHEK1KS at checkout.

  • A trip to the Philippines changed Zack’s life mission and how he viewed allopathic medicine afterward. (10:07)
  • “The scientific method is nothing more than a technique for exploring truth, but at no point is science a body of knowledge or truth…” (28:16)
  • Zach’s bedrock spiritual philosophy: I am. (41:06)
  • Homo sapiens is an adaptive species and not a stagnant one. (55:09)
  • What’s the difference between a rishi and a reishi mushroom? (1:14:00)
  • A quantum physics fellowship. (1:23:20)
  • Healing relationships at death’s door. (1:36:32)
  • Random event generators and the death of George Floyd. (1:40:15)
  • Do humans have the raw potential to co-create something magnificent? (1:50:21)

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