Dr. Nick Berry: Healing Common Challenges With Essential Oils

Dr. Nick Berry isn’t your typical pharmacist or whole health entrepreneur. After speeding through his doctoral studies, Nick invested a year to investigate different kinds of therapeutic options to strengthen his “holistic arsenal.”

In this episode, Paul talks to Nick about his journey, how he became a holistic pharmacist and the healing potential of essential oils and plant medicines.

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  • When Paul met Nick, he thought he was meeting a Shaman, not a pharmacist. (2:03)
  • A trip to Burning Man. (9:53)
  • The world of terpenes and their therapeutic value in essential oils. (12:07)
  • Nick learning as a teenager about the healing properties of psychotropic plants. (140:05)
  • An organic certification doesn’t mean a product is necessarily better. (23:57)
  • Crafting essential oils as a form of art. (27:07)
  • The effect of sonic geometry. (31:47)
  • The difference between a conventional pharmacist and a Shamanic pharmacist. (38:06)
  • How essential oils work with your body. (43:10)
  • Using oil of oregano to treat an upper respiratory infection. (47:15)
  • Essential oils provoke emotions before the conscious mind is engaged. (55:38)
  • Rose geranium supports the emotional centers, particularly around the heart. (1:00:34)
  • Paul’s painful divorce. (1:09:43)
  • How essential oils treat emotional pain. (1:12:21)
  • Using essential oils with intention to heal. (1:14:10)
  • Teaching people how to be their own doctor by using essential oils skillfully. (1:23:53)
  • Can you talk to a plant? (1:26:46)
  • Very young children should avoid most essential oils. (1:37:14)
  • Essential oils that enhance sexual energy. (1:41:51)
  • Treating premature ejaculation. (1:50:41)
  • Ever had sex with a ghost? (1:56:31)
  • Using essential oils for healing scars and wounds. (2:03:39)
  • With essential oils, less is more. (2:15:40)
  • A groin-burning reason to use caution when applying essential oils to sensitive areas of your body. (2:18:40)
  • Need an adaptogen to handle stress better? (2:38:42)
  • What’s the difference between a high – and low – quality essential oil? (2:41:57)

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