Autumn Smith: Food As Medicine For Healing and Optimal Health

Are you treating the foods you eat as medicines that can harm your health or give it the boost your body needs?

Certified Functional Diagnostic Nutritional expert Autumn Smith describes her personal transformation to good health thanks to shifting her diet to whole, organic foods and her journey to build two ethical, whole health companies — Paleovalley and Wild Pastures — in this delicious Living 4D podcast.

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  • Autumn gets rid of her longtime digestive disorders with whole foods. (6:35)
  • Paul’s tip for weaning off caffeine. (11:30)
  • The number one ingredient contained in most beef sticks on the market. (17:11)
  • Paul’s diet philosophies helped Autumn heal and inspire the growth of Paleovalley. (30:05)
  • The difference between organic and regenerative agriculture. (38:51)
  • Health benefits of apple cider vinegar in foods. (52:15)
  • “Collagen is the fountain of youth.” (1:09:00)
  • How much vitamin C in many foods comes from GMO corn? A lot! (1:15:41)
  • Organ meats are “nature’s multivitamins.” (1:28:24)
  • Curcumin is just one compound in turmeric among hundreds that work synergistically to our benefit. (1:41:05)
  • Why Autumn started Wild Pastures. (1:50:38)

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