David Wolfe: Inside The Mind of Alternative Health

Do you take the time you need regularly to really think about the deeper mysteries in life, like what being truly conscious means or how God plays a role in everyone’s lives whether you believe or not?

Paul discusses the bigger picture — the forces of good and evil, the power of plant medicines as teachers and where gifted people come from — with author, Earth activist and biodynamic organic farmer David Wolfe in this wide-ranging and interplanetary Living 4D episode.

Learn more about David’s work on his website and his non-profit The Fruit Tree Planting Foundation. Look for him on social media via Facebook and Instagram.

  • As a young child, David did “renegade planting” of pine trees in neighborhood yards. (6:36)
  • David was the “black sheep” of his family. (10:29)
  • Rudolf Steiner’s Ahrimanic Deception. (21:51)
  • The importance of vibration and material substances in our lives. (30:26)
  • The X Factor of reality. (45:04)
  • Paul does the Tony Robbins firewalk. (53:28)
  • Teachers reincarnated as plant medicines. (1:06:01)
  • When does someone really need plant medicines? (1:11:47)
  • How plant medicines amplify reality. (1:25:21)
  • Art therapy: An alternative to plant medicines. (1:30:24)
  • Cracking the love code. (1:43:18)
  • The complex components of mental illness. (1:55:01)
  • A fear of death. (2:03:21)
  • Successful people who are engaged in their lives write things down. (2:09:16)
  • Does entertaining possibilities — being open to the mystery — feel better than following more rigid belief systems? (2:19:43)
  • Could great athletes and prodigies come from dimensions other than our own to teach us things? (2:30:13)
  • The purpose of crystals. (2:37:01)
  • Mother Nature’s bigger plan. (2:46:43)
  • Meditation: One of the biggest lessons David learned to sit with problems and make better decisions. (2:50:59)
  • Irrational numbers vs. imaginary numbers. (3:00:01)
  • The important interface between subtle energy fields and your health. (3:07:08)

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