Sarah Hopkins: Holistic Healing, Love, Growth and Wisdom

Have you been told by the conventional medicine cabal there was no way you or your partner could conceive a child without lots of (unnecessary) help?

Sarah Hopkins had a deep passion for health from an early age but faulty programming — her family’s and her own — led her on a conventional, corporate path until she was told couldn’t conceive.

A chance conversation with a Holistic Lifestyle Coach student took Sarah on a journey, leading her from devouring How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! to becoming a CHEK Professional (HLC 3) and running her own health coaching practice in Perth, Australia.

Paul talks to Sarah about her journey to wellness, working through the shame that comes with fertility issues with her clients, building bridges with conventional medical practitioners, the #MeToo movement and the women who inspire them in this lively Living 4D conversation.

You can find Sarah on FacebookLinkedIn and Instagram. If you want to learn more about improving female fertility, Sarah has started a private Facebook group to coach women on their fertility journey than you can request to join. Sarah also co-hosts her Elevate podcast with Amanda Noga.

Learn more about Sarah’s services at her Health & Wellbeing website, where you can download a free Ideal Eating Guide ebook.

  • The patriarchal structure of mainstream medicine may explain why men aren’t interested in their fertility. (3:16)
  • How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy! had a profound and lasting effect on Sarah’s health, healing her body and her ability to conceive. (16:29)
  • If you don’t have an open mind or heart, you’re not ready to be a Holistic Lifestyle Coach. (20:39)
  • The positive benefits of parasites. (33:12)
  • Most people are so out of touch about their dreams and legacy. (48:49)
  • The more love and care we have for ourselves, the more stability coaches can give to their clients. (56:26)
  • Fibroids, endometriosis, infertility and an inability to orgasm may be linked to a woman’s feelings of shame and vulnerability associated with sex and her sex organs. (1:05:33)
  • Often, men are shocked their female partners believe having sex doesn’t make them feel loved. (1:11:47)
  • Most men don’t understand the difference between ejaculation and orgasm. (1:14:33)
  • A better structure for a functional health care system starts with a health coach. (1:35:39)
  • Sarah’s successful approaches in working with conventional medical practitioners. (1:39:58)
  • Why you should never undercharge for the services you provide to your clients. (1:48:48)
  • Letting go of her family’s expectations helped Sarah thrive as a person and health coach. (1:52:53)
  • The #MeToo movement is the reaction to unbalanced male and female energies in the world for too long. (2:01:39)
  • How Sarah helps her clients work through their programming, whether it’s religious dogma or limiting belief systems. (2:09:19)
  • At the top of the list of amazing women who inspire Sarah and run their own country is New Zealand Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. (2:16:25)
  • “Health elevates compassion.” (2:29:47)

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