Josh Trent: The Making of a Buddha

What does it really mean to be a lifetime learner and explorer on a journey in search for the real truth about human wellness and potential? You

Paul talks about that journey with a kindred spirit in Josh Trent, the founder of the amazing Wellness Force Radio podcast in this very special Living 4D episode.

You’ll learn about Josh’s journey from being an unhappy 280-pound car mechanic to becoming one of the most successful podcasters in the wellness landscape and how Paul is helping him find a love connection to start a family.

Just for Living 4D listeners, Josh has created a free gift: The M21 Wellness Guide, plus a 7 Day Wellness Force Breathwork Challenge, featuring six 21-minute morning sessions you can use each day to work with your mind, spirit and body to live life to its fullest.

Learn more about Josh’s amazing work and his podcast at wellnessforce.com.

  • Happy 39th birthday Josh! (1:25)
  • Josh had a very hard childhood as neither parent could support his safety and health. (4:06)
  • At 21, Josh was 280 pounds and working as a Mercedes Benz mechanic in San Diego. (5:27)
  • What is an ambivert? (10:33)
  • Pieces of the ego in a constant fight between love and power get in the way of humans having a deeper connection to God. (18:31)
  • No one ever asked Josh what love means to him until Paul did in this Living 4D podcast. (22:11)
  • A JP Sears sighting! (28:50)
  • The most challenging of the 4 Doctors for Josh to maintain consistently is… (36:17)
  • In the next life, Paul wants to have a vagina in each hand. (43:32)
  • Paul teaches Josh how to find a female life companion. (49:06)
  • How Paul met Penny. (50:45)
  • Josh’s first experiences with plant medicines. (57:08)
  • “Plant medicine just brings people to the truth. Sometimes the truth sucks, but there’s always an element of love in it.” (1:00:50)
  • The most powerful tool we have to fight fear: Breathing. (1:10:16)
  • Are plant medicines becoming more “mainstream?” (1:15:32)
  • People who do psychedelics medicines will meet their dragons and learn very quickly how well they manage them, including their entire family tree. (1:21:10)

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