Paul Chek: Evolve Yourself Spiritually

What is spiritual evolution and how do you shape that evolutionary path so that you are evolving in dream-affirmative ways that help everyone?

Paul tackles those questions in episode 4 of his Evolve series of podcasts!

After listening to Paul’s journey into spirituality, you’ll probably have lots of questions for him! If you’d like to learn more about how to evolve spiritually, join Paul for a live Instagram chat this Saturday, April 20 at 12 p.m Pacific Daylight Time/3 p.m. Eastern Daylight Time.

This is YOUR TIME to ask any questions about learning to evolve mentally. To do that, follow Paul on Instagram @paul.chek, then watch the live event on your mobile phone.

  • Paul’s simple definition of spirituality. (4:51)
  • The L of love is desire and life. (12:30)
  • The O of love stands for zero or PURE POTENTIAL, CONSCIOUSNESS or unconditional love. (12:48)
  • The VE in love stands for volt electron. (13:32)
  • “I define love as the flow of energy and information through empathic and/or compassionate connection to the self and/or other. I also define love as consciousness becoming aware of itself.” (15:11)
  • Why love is the first step in the CHEK approach. (17:54)
  • I = engaging yourself in the process of self-awareness. (20:43)
  • Not engaging in your spiritual life leads to isolation and emptiness. Rank, power, wealth and fame doesn’t fill the hole within us. (23:06)
  • A relationship between two adults requires two whole people who take responsibility for their thoughts, words and deeds. (25:01)
  • Your individual revolution by the numbers. (27:48)
  • “Reading diet books and following them like gospel is the act of a child because that’s allowing somebody else to tell you essentially what worked for them.” (32:16)
  • The first of the four stages of life all of us grow through that go hand-in-hand with our spiritual evolution: The child. (34:14)
  • The second stage: The warrior. (35:17)
  • In the warrior stage, we engage in our environment and learn what we need to create our dreams and stand up for what we believe in. (38:37)
  • The third stage: King or queen. (41:08)
  • The fourth stage: The wise man or woman. (43:20)
  • “The soul is unconditional love within us.” (47:20)
  • Paul’s definition of a midlife crisis. (50:14)
  • Reviewing the love model… (52:10)
  • How kung fu evolved. (57:48)
  • Being 50 percent of any relationship means you have to be 100 percent present in them too. (59:19)
  • “One can achieve no higher level of relationship to another than one has achieved in relationship to one’s self.” (1:02:53)
  • Parents may have very rigid belief systems that often challenge your personal evolution. (1:05:18)
  • Defining mythologems. (1:08:24)
  • Projecting things onto people leads to a lot of pain, much more isolation from them and that you’re only hanging around others just like you. (1:10:26)
  • “If we don’t have values, we don’t have a structure to control the flow of energy. Power is the expression of energy.” (1:12:21)
  • Relationships: The ultimate temple of our spiritual evolution. (1:13:58)
  • Father Thomas Keating helped to restore Paul’s faith in Christianity. (1:15:44)
  • What do you love enough to change for? (1:18:41)
  • You must manage your resources, along with your foundational principles — nutrition, hydration, sleep, breathing, thinking and movement — or you can’t bring wholeness to your relationship. (1:23:26)
  • What “there is no I in we” means for relationships. (1:30:23)
  • “We have to digest our emotions. If we’re having a hard time digesting challenges in our we relationships, it can literally mirror itself as indigestion in our bodies.” (1:32:10)
  • There are four possibilities for spiritual evolution in relationships when they get challenging. (1:35:50)
  • Not everyone is equipped to sustain a relationship, even when they’re already in one. (1:40:25)
  • Paul’s journey to find a life partner in Penny, then sustain a marriage for 22+ years. (1:41:05)
  • Paramahansa Yogananda’s soulmates prayer. (1:43:18)
  • The all level of Paul’s love model. (1:44:45)
  • Dealing with the ramifications of karma. (1:46:00)
  • Having a Satori experience. (1:50:39)
  • “The way we do better is we take good enough care of ourselves to honestly have the energy and the interest to be concerned about things bigger than us. That’s the territory of a real warrior.” (2:00:20)
  • Paul describes his version of Ken Wilbur’s Four Quadrant model. (2:02:50)
  • “Love is the flow of energy and information through empathic and compassionate connection to the self or other.” (2:04:10)
  • Why Shamanism is making a return. (2:07:28)
  • The seven principles Paul teaches to help you simplify your spiritual evolution. (2:15:43)
  • What would love do now? (2:16:51)
  • Is the decision you’re about to make bringing you closer in relationship to people on my dream team or those I love? (2:18:27)
  • If everyone in the world did what I wanted to do, would the world be a better place? (2:20:24)
  • How would you like your children to handle the same challenges you’re facing in their lives? (2:21:56)
  • Are your choices and actions creating harmony or disharmony in the world? (2:23:24)
  • Are you leaving the world a little better each day than you found it? (2:26:27)
  • The Golden Rule: Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (2:26:46)
  • The first principle of Sufism. (2:29:03)

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