Hamilton Souther: Plant Medicine Essentials

As more scientific research reveals the benefits of plant medicine, the number of people who would have never considered them is growing by the day.

Unfortunately, the curious are taking short cuts to test plant medicines for themselves, and don’t know if what they’re taking is safe (or even the real thing).

Explore plant medicine ceremonies with an open mind and heart and how to experience them safely with Hamilton Souther, chairman/founder of Blue Morpho a Peruvian-based company specializing in ayahuasca retreats, in this how-to Living 4D conversation.

Discover more about Hamilton via social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. Check out the Blue Morpho website for more information about in-person plant medicine ceremonies and online experiences, courses and products.

Learn more about plant medicines by reading Hamilton’s books, The Mystical Secrets of Medicine vs. Sorcery: The Untold Story of Ayahuasca Part 1 and The Mystical Secrets of Ayahuasca Part 2.


  • Hamilton’s journey began with a spontaneous awakening. (6:26)
  • The mix of plant medicines Hamilton uses in his Blue Morpho practice. (11:07)
  • The three different offerings Blue Morpho provides. (16:51)
  • Why do you want to do a plant medicine ceremony? (24:11)
  • The big mistakes people make about using plant medicines. (30:02)
  • How to use plant medicines with guidance to retrain your daily life. (35:01)
  • Plant medicines as teachers. (42:05)
  • Exercising your power of choice. (55:06)
  • Micro-moments that help you stay connected. (1:02:16)
  • Using plant medicines as life accelerants. (1:13:14)
  • Recognizing why they’re called plant medicines. (1:27:15)
  • A worst-case scenario that reinforces knowing the sourcing and ingredients of any plant medicines you consider taking. (1:38:17)
  • Some foods don’t mix safely with plant medicines. (1:48:18)
  • Did you know there’s an ayahuasca-safe diet? (1:52:18)
  • Plant medicines have no agendas, but people do. (2:11:49)
  • Don’t mix dark entities and plant medicines! (2:39:02)
  • What to look for in a good plant ceremony leader. (2:43:51)
  • Be clear about your positive intentions for a plant ceremony by taking the Grand Canyon test. (2:51:39)
  • Before a plant medicine ceremony, are you ready to let a part of you die? (3:01:40)
  • What the right dose of a plant medicine for you? (3:11:31)
  • Plant medicine ceremony dos and don’ts with comfort in mind. (3:21:39)
  • What happens after the plant medicine ceremony, including more self-care. (3:43:28)
  • Make no immediate and massive life decisions after a plant medicine ceremony. (3:54:29)
  • When it’s time to do another plant medicine ceremony. (4:03:20)

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