Matt Nichol, Mindy Mylrea and Matthew Januszek: Fitness Philosophy

How has fitness evolved as a practice and industry so far in the 21st Century? Has it changed for the better or worse? Where is fitness heading and what does that means for your life and health?

Paul talks to a legendary trio of fitness veterans — Matt Nichol, Mindy Mylrea and Matthew Januszek — who share their valuable insights about the future of exercise and performance in this very special Living 4D podcast.

Find out more about Matt Nichol’s work at his website and on Instagram.

Learn more about Mindy’s mission on One Day to Wellness and social media via YouTube and Instagram. Enjoy a free workout with Mindy at this link.

Explore Matthew’s work at his Escape Fitness website and on social media via Facebook, Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn. Listen to his Escape Your Limits podcast on Apple Podcasts or watch it on YouTube.




  • “Your philosophy of health and fitness should have meaning, or your heart is never in it.” (4:06)
  • Movement nutrition. (7:50)
  • Cardio training is no panacea for total fitness. (15:52)
  • The alignment of health, wellness, fitness and performance as one. (25:32)
  • The ongoing struggle with filtering the good and useful information from the bad. (33:35)
  • Human interaction really matters. (41:48)
  • Mindy’s introduction to anaerobic training in a bar helped her win $5,000. (57:11)
  • Mindy and Paul created the working-in concept at nearly the same time. (1:02:32)
  • Young trainers in the fitness industry aren’t learning how to teach, create and think for themselves. (1:11:29)
  • “I don’t want a device telling me that I’ve slept well.” (1:24:23)
  • Matthew started in fitness a long time ago because he wanted big biceps like his cousin Martin. (1:35:09)
  • “A healthy body is at the center of what I do because it links to a healthy mind.” (1:40:46)
  • If 80-90 percent of the world just did the basics… (1:57:38)
  • The prices young people pay for enhancing their body’s performance will devastate them one day. (2:04:12)
  • “Resistance is the essence of life.” (2:10:41)

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