Paul Chek: 2022: Lover’s Bootcamp

Are you looking at the world and feeling very concerned about how to move forward with your life? In other words, is the adult in you really ready for 2022?

Get prepared for the worldwide machinations to come over the course of 2022 as Paul shares his own insights based on numerology, the tarot and experts he trusts in this solo Living 4D podcast.

As you listen to this podcast if it feels and sounds like a course, your ears aren’t playing tricks on you… This 2022: Lover’s Bootcamp is a podcast Paul felt compelled to do!

  • The surprising accuracy of Paul’s predictions based on the tarot and numerology for 2020 and 2021. (6:03)
  • The importance of the subjective or qualitative aspects of number. (14:37)
  • A surge of the feminine in holistic medicine and healing approaches emerges in 2022. (20:57)
  • Considering the subjective aspects through the consciousness of numerology. (31:24)
  • 2022: Opportunities for harmony or conflicts in values? (38:07)
  • 2+2. (42:32)
  • Recognize your intimate relationship with the four elements. (48:38)
  • The third 2 in 2022: Is another duality/mind overseeing your choices? (1:03:21)
  • What the number 6 means. (1:11:58)
  • “Unhealthy leaders produce stress, dysfunction, breakdown and disease in their followers.” (1:24:07)
  • Are your thoughts, words and deeds aligned with greater good and the whole? (1:29:28)
  • The number 6 and the symbol of the philosopher’s stone. (1:34:48)
  • Looking more deeply at 2022 through archetypes and the tarot. (1:40:32)
  • Three key archetypal phases of the Hero’s Journey. (1:52:57)
  • “You can’t develop an authentic relationship with God so long as you’re polarized by good and evil.” (2:08:31)
  • A basic understanding of zero. (2:11:26)
  • Examining the significance of 2020 by the numbers. (2:20:34)
  • Looking through the Divine Mirror at 2021. (2:28:32)
  • Multiple meanings of the number 5. (2:34:45)
  • The Hierophant. (2:41:06)
  • Tarot archetypes in 2020, 2021 and 2022. (2:45:05)
  • The lover’s archetype. (2:49:40)
  • What love really is. (2:53:01)
  • Paul’s predictions for 2022 based on the various stages of love. (3:01:46)
  • Defining the unconscious mind. (3:08:48)
  • Five regions of the unconscious mind. (3:21:52)
  • How the unconscious and unconscious minds work to process information in 4 steps. (3:26:19)
  • Are you listening to the wisdom within you? (3:42:00)
  • The various stages of love. (3:46:40)
  • 2022 predictions from Vedic astrologer Ernst Wilhelm. (4:05:16)
  • A responsibility eclipse. (4:10:00)
  • James Tunney’s 2022 predictions. (4:15:45)
  • Paul’s forecasts for 2022. (4:26:19)
  • What would love do now? (4:33:31)
  • Our initiation into adulthood starts now! (4:40:15)

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