Paul Chek: The People Who Changed My Life

We are reminded all the time how much of a guiding force  Paul has been for so many people throughout his life as a teacher, mentor and skilled health practitioner. But who has influenced the influencer of so many people all over the world?

Paul celebrates his 60th birthday with an intimate Living 4D podcast devoted to the many people who have changed his life.

  • Paul’s mother, Meera Censor, taught him the importance of spirituality. (3:57)
  • “I was raised by a grizzly bear.” (10:15)
  • Paramahansa Yogananda’s philosophies were a major influence on the 4 Doctors. (14:50)
  • The birth of Paul Jr. was Paul’s first profound spiritual experience. (28:39)
  • The first book Paul read at age 22. (33:17)
  • How Paul met the mother of the CHEK Institute. (48:17)
  • The father Paul never had. (54:11)
  • Master Fong Ha’s influence with tai chi on Paul. (1:05:04)
  • Paul’s first experience with a Shaman set the bar high. (1:11:39)
  • Did you know Rudolf Steiner developed a form of movement called Eurythmy? (1:22:36)
  • What do Paul, Carl Jung and Madonna have in common? (1:41:54)
  • “The reality of war is the reality of polarity, and you can’t have consciousness without polarity.” (1:47:56)
  • Is Plotinus a philosopher or a mystic? (1:59:38)
  • Three qualities of the soul. (2:02:17)
  • “Upgrade your software no matter what religion you’re in by studying the mystics of that religion.” (2:13:32)
  • How often do you talk to your soul? (2:20:03)
  • Do you live and breathe God or have an intellectual but superficial relationship with your Higher Power? (2:37:36)
  • The four qualities of a spiritual master. (2:50:36)
  • Is the universe sentient and conscious? (3:00:19)
  • The only man who spent five years studying each of the world’s major religions. (3:12:56)
  • Do you feel vibrations when you touch a book? (3:23:50)
  • Could disease be a spiritual growth opportunity? (3:30:52)
  • A conversation with Rumi translator Coleman Barks inspired Paul to get back to rock stacking as a spiritual practice. (3:37:07)
  • Who inspires Paul to stick to the truth and God? (3:56:58)
  • This amazing man taught Paul how to receive gifts. (4:01:38)
  • Paul’s grandfather resembles this famous philosopher. (4:15:12)

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