Angie Chek: Modern Shamanism

Have you ever listened to a Shaman talk about her work in depth?

Angie Chek talks to Paul in this Living 4D episode about what it means to be a Shaman, her journey into the practice, and how she blends her shamanic gifts with a health practices toolbox.

  • Being a Shaman is not unlike being in a clique. (1:36)
  • Shamanism is not a religion. (5:22)
  • “If I just look for what I want, the right teachers will show up when I need them.” (14:01)
  • Spirits will help you find good parking places. (14:41)
  • Angie goes to Mystery School. (17:56)
  • The placebo effect in magic. (21:18)
  • Blending Shamanism with a health practices toolbox for healing. (27:42)
  • In one way or the other, rhythm disruption is a problem Paul sees in most of his clients. (31:49)
  • Have you been able to dream and be awake? (35:49)
  • How do you teach people to be still? (42:08)
  • If you’re hearing voices, you may a Shaman without the proper training (44:54)
  • A moment God saved Angie and a friend from death. (46:27)
  • “I realized that we can see the future and, in some ways, we can control our destiny by our choices we make.” (52:16)
  • The definitions of spirits and angels. (53:02)
  • Why would people consider seeing a Shaman? (1:01:55)
  • People can use their own free will to reject healing. (1:03:42)
  • A marriage of science and holistic health can give you the best of both worlds. (1:05:46)
  • What’s the best way to choose a Shaman to help you heal? (1:09:39)
  • Have you felt the presence of another entity in your body or home? (1:14:53)
  • The phenomena of extraction healing. (1:20:32)
  • Is it genetics or a family pattern of being that’s helping you take on problems from your ancestors? (1:24:52)
  • Angie’s dog, Maggie, is very good at healing and communicating. (1:28:34)
  • All of these stunned creatures Angie met — a woodpecker, tarantula, snake and mouse — on consecutive days were trying to tell her something. (1:33:14)
  • You need to be healthy before taking psychedelic drugs to have a positive Shamanic experience. (1:42:55)
  • A Shaman’s experience using a drum may outweigh the benefits of taking a psychedelic drug. (1:48:55)
  • That’s one very powerful drum… (1:55:00)
  • If you’re not experienced, taking a psychedelic drug can feel like taking a time machine to a bad place. (1:58:40)
  • How Holistic Lifestyle Training enhances Angie’s abilities as a Shaman. (2:03:04)

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