Dr. David Minkoff: Detoxification, Proteins and Your Health

How much does our environment — not to mention conventional medicine — really harm our health?

Dr. David Minkoff shares his journey from the ER to functional medicine and describes the many problems people face with heavy metal toxicity in this mercury-free Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about David’s work via social media on Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Check out David’s many amazing products at his BodyHealth website and his LifeWorks Wellness Center.

  • David decided he was going to be a doctor at age 6. (9:09)
  • David’s switch to functional medicine began when his wife suffered from mercury toxicity. (14:02)
  • Developing Metal-Free. (24:37)
  • The number of people David has tested who have high levels of metals and chemicals in their bodies is staggering. (39:53)
  • Common symptoms and health challenges with heavy metal toxicity. (54:52)
  • Medicine works in emergency situations but not for everyday health problems that can be just as deadly. (1:05:21)
  • Could your low vitamin D levels be caused by glyphosate exposure? (1:20:16)
  • Autism rates were VERY LOW when David was a resident physician in 1978. (1:31:40)
  • “Out of all of the things we’re teaching you about medicine, only about half of it will end up being true, but we don’t know which half.” (1:42:20)
  • Do you have enough chymotrypsin in your body? (1:50:47)
  • The benefits of amino acids. (2:00:27)
  • The toxicity of whey protein. (2:08:52)
  • David competes in his next triathlon this fall. (2:30:20)



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