Ryan Meeks: The Heretical Enlightenment

Do you have a real relationship with God or do you believe in what someone taught you to believe about that Higher Power?

Former minister Ryan Meeks describes his walk away from a very successful career as a minister of an evangelical megachurch and how he discovered true healing and a far greater life purpose in this very spiritual Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Ryan’s work at his website and social media via Instagram.

  • Ryan shares an interesting connection with Carl Jung. (11:57)
  • The person Ryan was a decade ago would scare the crap out of him today. (30:00)
  • Fundamentalism + business systems = megachurch. (35:10)
  • The sandcastle of Ryan’s faith began to wash away as he was exposed to different worldviews. (41:58)
  • The Time magazine articles reporting on EastLake Community Church’s public support for the LGBTQI community were the tsunami that ended Ryan’s career in organized religion. (47:35)
  • Fundamentalist religion plays off a very human felt sense of separation with “a cure” for a manufactured problem. (54:40)
  • Ryan never really knew God in a spiritual way until after he left the ministry. (1:04:56)
  • Ryan’s father, a longtime minister, handled the news of his shift away from evangelicalism remarkably well. (1:16:31)
  • How do people get programmed into faulty belief systems? (1:34:12)
  • What is your unmet task? (1:52:58)
  • “We need to learn the way nature works.” (2:08:05)
  • “It’s not that Christianity failed. It’s never been tried.” G.K. Chesterton (2:19:18)
  • A Hodgkin’s lymphoma diagnosed in 2017 helped Ryan better understand that life is a gift and love is the point. (2:32:09)

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