Allison Pelot: Tips for Digesting Our Life

How have you adapted mentally, spiritually and career-wise in the era of COVID-19?

Allison Pelot returns to discuss the creative process behind her new book and how rethinking and restructuring your business can help you thrive in this Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Allison and her work with clients at her Pure Energy Wellness website. Find her on social media  Facebook, Instagram and YouTube. Check out her Integrate Yourself podcast on Apple Podcasts and blubrry.

  • Once upon a time, Allison was a recovering perfectionist. (9:17)
  • Allison describes the creative process for writing her first book after her father died. (16:36)
  • How many lifetimes have you lived? (27:22)
  • Dreaming about dogs indicates something is going on in your life. (34:43)
  • People outgrow their old, established beliefs and values. (41:17)
  • Paul describes his upcoming book. (46:30)
  • How do we stop putting conditions on others and ourselves that make it impossible to experience unconditional love? (1:14:48)
  • Luciferianism vs. Satanism. (1:22:02)
  • A chapter in Allison’s book was inspired by Dan Millman’s work on the Peaceful Warrior. (1:32:18)
  • Virtue doesn’t know it’s a virtue… (1:44:28)
  • The need to know has to be greater than what we already know. (2:02:50)
  • Walking the path of the labyrinth. (2:20:06)

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