Paul Levy: The Quantum Revelation

Have you been struggling with serious problems and traumas for a long time and haven’t found a way to heal from them?

Discover how a spiritual awakening in the 80s helped wounded healer and noted author Paul Levy find his way forward and how we can avoid a world-shattering catastrophe in this life-changing Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Paul’s work at Awaken in the Dream and on Facebook.

For Living 4D listeners: Download a free copy of Paul’s book, Awakened by Darkness: When Evil Becomes Your Father, at this link.

  • Paul is NOT a Jungian analyst, although people assume he is one. (8:56)
  • Incredible suffering in Paul’s early 20s led to a life-changing spiritual awakening that nearly killed him. (11:54)
  • Being fixed in your viewpoints is a symptom of the mind virus or wetiko. (18:18)
  • Why are we destroying ourselves? (23:22)
  • Creative person or wounded healer? (30:00)
  • If wetiko didn’t exist, we would have to invent it. (44:34)
  • An important revelation of quantum physics: All of us are collectively having a shared dream. (50:32)
  • Can quantum physics help humanity wake up and avoid catastrophe? (1:09:43)
  • Do you ignore or avoid a wound and get stuck with it or do you want to become a more powerful wounded healer? (1:20:20)
  • Are you so imprisoned by your own mind that you’re colluding with it to resist feeling better? (1:29:04)
  • “All of us are wounded healers and Shamans in training.” (1:37:24)

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