Jason E. Smith: Religious But Not Religious

How do you find God in a world with so many religions, and all of them claim to know everything?

Jungian analyst Jason E. Smith describes a holistic path in this very Jungian Living 4D conversation.

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  • The gift of a Joseph Campbell book ignited Jason’s exploration into all things Carl Jung. (6:29)
  • “A human life is too short for learning how to live a human life.” (14:15)
  • Viewing religion and the universe through wonder and awe and enjoying the mystery rather than making the world conform rationally. (27:20)
  • Differentiation and separation from the collective. (42:50)
  • Holding on too tightly to your belief in God may mean a lack of trust of faith in that Higher Power. (58:13)
  • Does the absence of emptiness mean we’re not alone? (1:07:46)
  • How organized movements in religion and science push people further away from what’s larger than ourselves. (1:17:16)
  • What being a Jungian means to Jason. (1:28:21)
  • The pursuit of pleasure in the material world just isn’t enough for most of us. (1:38:57)
  • “From another perspective — utilitarian or economic — there’s nothing more useless than wisdom.” (1:51:10)
  • “The individual is never the same as the statistic.” (2:08:59)
  • Religion as a fixed thing, not an experience. (2:20:00)
  • The relevance and origins of myth. (2:26:15)
  • The mystical vs. the numinous vs. the transpersonal. (2:39:13)
  • “God is not an answer to any question. God is the ultimate question…” (2:46:42)

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