Pete Evans: Cooking Up Freedom

How you face or fears — or not — goes a long way toward determining how successful you’ll be in your career and relationships.

Learn how having an “eternal student” mindset has helped Pete Evans confront those fears of failure and have the creative drive to become a worldwide celebrity as a chef in this very delicious Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Pete’s work on his website and new Evolve platform. Follow him on social media via FacebookInstagram and Telegram.

  • The eternal student. (7:23)
  • Pete’s connection with spirit and making films. (15:27)
  • The huge weight of responsibility Pete feels as a teacher for the books and content he creates and shares with the world. (36:26)
  • Pete’s evolution from working at McDonald’s to becoming a head chef and harnessing his creative abilities in the kitchen, then on TV. (51:03)
  • A recent surfing trip was loving and hostile for Pete. (1:02:10)
  • Is conformity the new paradigm? (1:17:42)
  • Pete’s next adventure: A wellness, cooking retreat. (1:26:15)
  • Pete’s philosophies for healthy eating may mean stepping out of your comfort zone. (1:43:02)
  • A plant medicine ceremony should be approached as a death experience. (1:58:18)
  • The best piece of meat Pete has ever eaten — barbequed grass-fed, organic brisket — was prepared for him in Louisiana. (2:09:01)
  • Pete’s next journey: Cultivating a relationship with fire. (2:11:15)
  • The perfect food according to Pete. (2:22:06)
  • Our relationship toward food is the key to all of our pressing societal issues moving forward. (2:31:10)
  • Pete is considering a political career. (2:41:02)

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