Aubrey Marcus: Fit For Service

Once society emerges from COVID-19, what can we do to make our world a better one for all of us?

Aubrey Marcus returns to the podcast to talk about his new Fit For Service Fellowship initiative and how we can grow intentional communities that better serve all of us in this very vulnerable Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Aubrey’s work on his website, the Aubrey Marcus Podcast and on social media via Twitter and Instagram.

  • What does being fit for service really mean? (5:38)
  • Passivity: A lack of purpose and belief in our own power. (22:50)
  • Growing intentional communities. (33:21)
  • Who is Jo Jorgensen? (43:07)
  • What’s the difference-maker — time or energy — that determines what we can really accomplish? (1:05:54)
  • Vulnerability: A deeper commitment to the truth. (1:23:57)
  • What great philosopher said, “If it looks like a duck…?” (1:36:38)
  • The great illusion. (1:44:04)
  • Humanity is in the late stage of puberty. (1:54:22)
  • The songs Aubrey and Paul sing to themselves and each other. (2:10:53)

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