Wade Lightheart: Piercing Your Illusions

How do you work with the illusions in your life so that you can live the life of your dreams?

Wade Lightheart returns to describe how to pierce the veil of illusions in your life in this very revealing and real Living 4D conversation.

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  • “What kind of love would God give?” (6:49)
  • Are you too embedded in the illusion? (15:25)
  • Everyone has a bit of Avatar in them. (32:37)
  • Living in an algorithmic prison. (51:40)
  • How do you deal with your illusions? (1:08:35)
  • What is your dream and what does it take to be THAT person? (1:21:02)
  • Are you able to create emptiness for any amount of time, or do you try to fill it with something? (1:27:29)
  • What is your body telling you about illusions? (1:43:52)
  • The obstacles in front of us are our pathways and opportunities for growth. (1:51:25)

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