Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove: Parapsychology: An Explorer’s Guide to Consciousness

Do you believe in the study of psychic phenomena known as parapsychology?

If not, you won’t be a skeptic for long, as Paul explores these realms and much more with Dr. Jeffrey Mishlove, host of the very popular New Thinking Allowed series on YouTube in this astral Living 4D conversation.

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  • At first, Jeffrey was a skeptic of mysticism as a University of Wisconsin student. (7:20)
  • A vivid dream ignited Jeffrey’s new direction. (9:40)
  • How Jeffrey earned the only degree ever awarded in parapsychology by a major American university (University of California, Berkeley) in 1980. (13:48)
  • An unhappy childhood can be a catalyst for spontaneous psychic experiences. (30:20)
  • The quest for personal power (scientific and religious) often overcomes Shamanistic perspectives. (36:22)
  • Defining empirical science. (52:33)
  • The two major categories of parapsychological phenomena. (55:10)
  • Carl Jung vs Rudolf Steiner. (1:09:34)
  • The sheep-goat effect. (1:16:43)
  • “When I hear people tell me they know who the evil one is, I have three words for them: Look inside yourself.” (1:34:15)
  • Jeffrey’s simple dictum: Be present, moment by moment. (1:58:11)
  • The story of Ted Owens, the Psychokinesis (PK) Man. (2:04:05)
  • The always moving boundary between the conscious and unconscious mind. (2:18:52)
  • Can the mind exist “outside” the brain? (2:29:35)
  • Differences between the soul and the spirit. (2:48:34)

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