Dave Asprey: The Magic Bullet Man

Who can talk about all things coffee, karma, consciousness, reincarnation, mitochondria and psychedelics at the very same level as our own Paul Chek?

Dave Asprey — the “Father of Biohacking,” founder of Bulletproof and host of the award-winning Bulletproof Radio podcast — joins Paul to discover how they learned in their own separate ways the hows and whys of coffee and butter and a lot more in this very special 100th Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Dave on his website and on social media via FacebookTwitter and Instagram.

  • Dave and Paul compare t-shirt concepts. (5:44)
  • Dave discovers using butter in his coffee and tea. (15:45)
  • Got mold in your coffee? Probably… (20:10)
  • Tips for drinking coffee without feeling sick or having cognitive issues. (35:06)
  • The algorithm of life. (45:20)
  • “Your body believes things that aren’t true.” (54:28)
  • Consciousness, mitochondria and how your body communicates way before you realize it. (1:00:21)
  • A good reason to embrace reincarnation. (1:15:12)
  • The karma of teaching people stuff that isn’t real: You’re just like a mass-murderer. (1:19:58)
  • “I live in a world where, simultaneously, rational things are linear and they’re crazier than anything…” (1:32:58)
  • Are you taking psychedelics to get high or to learn and heal yourself? (1:48:13)
  • Even too much meditation may be harmful. (1:58:04)
  • An eddy in time. (2:06:59)
  • Finding the allegorical meaning versus the literal one may depend on how enlightened you are. (2:13:58)
  • How you handle anger matters. (2:22:41)
  • Why spiritual practices exist. (2:32:57)

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