Ben Joseph Stewart: Cycles In Time: Will Tomorrow Be Yesterday’s Child?

Are you feeling powerless about what’s going on and your ability to make any sort of difference in the world right now?

Ben Stewart returns to the podcast to discuss the repercussions to our world spelled out in the book, The Fourth Turning: An American Prophecy by William Strauss and Neil Howe, and what we can do about it in this speculative Living 4D conversation.

Learn more about Ben’s work on his website and social media via Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Support his work by following him on Patreon. Watch his series Psychedelica and Limitless on Gaia.

  • Defining the Fourth Turning. (10:54)
  • The four pillars of society. (18:15)
  • Born during crisis periods, artists are the voices of their generations. (21:46)
  • Is Ben disconnected from reality or does he really know something we don’t? (38:13)
  • Get friendly with your fears. (51:13)
  • Are we heading for a Great Reset? (1:00:33)
  • Having hope for the future of our world requires believing in our human potential and working on it. (1:36:17)
  • “When you live to your real potential, you render the power over you obsolete.” (1:50:14)
  • How does changing your life really change the world? (1:59:30)
  • “Now is always the perfect and only time to start engaging with what’s happening.” (2:36:55)
  • Take out the garbage with Ben and Paul. (2:41:40)

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