Show Notes Episode 65 – Paul Chek: 2020 – How to Make it Your Best Year Ever!

With the beginning of a new decade comes the opportunity for us to do a hard reset, turn the page and create a new life for our selves…

But how or where do you begin that process?

Paul shares the tried and true steps he teaches his clients every day — from self-reflection and journaling to challenging your long-held beliefs that no longer work — to begin living the life of your dreams in this final Living 4D podcast for 2019.

Tap here to Download the Goals Wheel that Paul references in the podcast.

Show Notes

  • Dr. Dan Siegel’s definition of the mind. (4:47)
  • Plotinus’ three qualities of the soul. (7:52)
  • Using journaling to improve your relationships. (10:37)
  • “The ego is a collection of ideas that are largely from others.” (13:49)
  • Tips for identifying unconscious programming. (22:23)
  • Addictions are our attempts to achieve “safe love.” (32:08)
  • Create must-have and must-not-have lists. (39:48)
  • “When we grow as individuals, we take responsibility for creating joy within our selves.” (43:00)
  • The ABCs of dream creation. (45:23)
  • What are your core values? (50:41)
  • Address your story gap. (55:36)
  • “It takes maturity to learn how to allow yourself, through empathy and compassion, to feel someone else’s pain but not get drowned by it.” (1:04:34)
  • Find the shadow, the parts of your self you don’t like and try to repress but unconsciously project onto others. (1:10:27)
  • The healthy relationship wheel. (1:15:20)
  • Paul sings the Love and Gratitude song he and Angie created for their students. (1:22:06)
  • Paul’s Goals Wheel that he created many years ago for his PPS Success Mastery program. (1:27:12)
  • Work in harmony with your subconscious to visualize your dreams, goals and intentions through art by creating a mandala. (1:35:23)
  • Write down your new year’s dreams, goals and objectives with words of gratitude and completion. (1:43:23)
  • Prioritize your goals. (1:49:08)