Show Notes Episode 18 – Evolve Yourself Physically

Welcome to a special solo episode of Living 4D with Paul Chek!

In this first episode of a special 5-part series, Paul explores how you can evolve yourself physically.

What does that mean?

Many people feel trapped or constrained by their biology – that their genes are their fate. They have a slow metabolism.. they’re big boned… they have a genetic predisposition for cancer… they’re an ectomorph or an endomorph…

Well in this episode, Paul explains why the science of epigenetics shows us that we have far more control over our level of physical health and wellbeing than we could have imagined and shows you how you can build a lifestyle that helps you become your healthiest, fittest best!

Show Notes

  • What does it mean to evolve? (2:13)
  • How we evolve to a second simplicity. (3:47)
  • The elements that make up our bodies. (8:29)
  • Do an exercise with me… (9:30)
  • “People lose parts of themselves every day.” (16:20)
  • The body is the ultimate temple of worship. (17:31)
  • The concept of possession. (19:49)
  • Energy fields help us evolve. (22:42)
  • The science behind acupuncture. (25:53)
  • Our body is a product of the entire universe. (29:16)
  • Do you feel alone in your body? (30:24)
  • Our genes matter, but how? (32:58)
  • How epigenetics helps us evolve. (38:49)
  • Every living thing has morphogenic fields. (44:43)
  • Be healthier and whole for yourself, your family and the world. (49:46)
  • The simple steps Paul teaches in his Holistic Lifestyle Coaching and CHEK Practitioner programs. (53:53)
  • Step one: What do you love enough to change your body for? (54:36)
  • If you don’t have a dream, goal or objective to work on, what is your nightmare? (58:47)
  • Step two: The forces that create everything in the universe. (59:33)
  • Are the forces governing your body out of balance? (1:04:31)
  • Step three: The choices you can make in regard to people, places and things. (1:05:42)
  • The negatives of doing nothing — apathy — are more devastating to your life and the world. (1:07:19)
  • Step four: The 4 Doctors. (1:08:24)
  • Ignoring any of these 4 Doctors in relationship with your body makes it impossible to evolve optimally or efficiently. (1:11:17)
  • “Your yes has no value until you learn to say no, and you don’t know when to say no until you have values to guide your decision-making process.” (1:14:59)
  • Step five: The design factors people need to have an evolving, healthy lifestyle. (1:16:25)
  • If your willingness isn’t at least a 7 out of a 1-10 scale, you probably won’t follow through with your dream. (1:20:41)
  • Step six: The foundational principles. (1:23:48)
  • Thinking can deplete most of the blood sugar in our bodies at any given time. (1:26:25)
  • The yin and yang principles. (1:28:13)
  • Swelling or discoloring around your eyes may be a sign your kidneys or liver aren’t functioning properly. (1:29:11)
  • You should be eating organically or biodynamically grown foods for your health. (1:32:15)
  • Diet logging can be critical for your health. (1:37:55)
  • Pasteurized foods are dead foods. (1:41:37)
  • Popping your joints may be a sign you’re not drinking enough water. (1:45:15)
  • Is your water charged? (1:49:26)
  • Drink half your body weight in water every day. (1:53:48)
  • The most cost-effective natural medicine: Sleep. (1:55:11)
  • Dreaming helps our mind and body in ways not unlike a computer hard drive defragmenting, processing and rebooting. (1:58:19)
  • Eating too late at night deprives your body of sleep and rest. (2:01:31)
  • Your breathing is woven into the cosmos. (2:02:39)
  • If you have a faulty breathing pattern due to stress, fear or poor posture, your body doesn’t develop enough charge differential to run our biological systems effectively. (2:05:19)
  • Eating processed sugar affects your breathing patterns negatively. (2:07:47)
  • A simple technique to retrain your body to breathe more effectively. (2:12:52)
  • “Without breathing, the soul cannot anchor itself in the body.” (2:14:39)
  • Getting 30 minutes a day of movement is a good minimum for many people. (2:18:43)
  • Movement and exercise are linked to our metabolism. (2:20:11)
  • Maintaining a balance of working in and working out through exercise. (2:21:33)
  • Are you barefoot when you exercise? (2:24:34)
  • Learn how to perform a breathing squat can totally change the way you feel. (2:26:25)