A lot of CHEK Professionals work with professional athletes so you’d assume that, if those very wealthy performers sought out professionals with the high level of training CHEK Professionals have, they would actually listen to them… but they often don’t.

So, how do you make them listen, even when it’s for their own good?

You live what you preach, according to Matt Nichol, a longtime CHEK Professional who coaches scores of amateur and professional athletes in Canada and the U.S., the subject of my video.

Currently, Matt hosts an invitation-only offseason camp featuring 50 of the best hockey players from the NHL and amateur ranks.

When I asked Matt for his best recommendation for a young coach to up his/her game, he wasn’t shy. “I have a copy of How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy (now available as an e-book) within arms’ reach of every place I spend any significant amount of time.”

Living what you preach isn’t easy, and it’s meant turning away athletes willing to pay Matt top dollar, even when times were tough.

Discover how Matt survived the hard times by sticking to this beliefs and why it’s important for any coach or trainer of athletes at any level to be a lifelong student.

Love and chi,