What’s in Your Food?A number of you who follow my work and have read my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, probably know a lot about eating the right foods.

Sometimes, however, it’s good to be reminded about the basics of healthy eating and how to protect your body mind from harm, the subject of this video.

The processed food industry doesn’t make it easy to be healthy and stay that way, considering how hard it is to keep track of the chemicals hiding in processed foods — more than 10,000 and counting — most of which exert negative side effects.

Before you watch my video, review these basic questions and tips, then check off which ones you follow regularly.

  1. Can’t pronounce any words on an ingredients label? Your body and liver probably won’t like what you’re eating (if you can even find a label).
  1. Don’t check expiration dates on foods? The longer it sits waiting for you to eat it, the worse it may be for your health.
  1. Skipping the organic, minimally processed foods for the cheaper stuff? Have you considered eating organic foods protects your health and prevents trips to the doctor in the long run?
  1. Paying attention to what your body, mind and emotions are telling you after you eat a meal? You may be ignoring information that protects your health.

Know your enemy: The Standard American Diet of Carbohydrates, Refined Sugars Additives Preservatives — better known as SAD CRAP — is the standard diet and fuel that has created too many health problems all over the world.

Despite all of the money and resources our society has put into science and modern medicine, neither one seems to be outperforming common sense and Mother Nature these days.

Watch this video and share it with people you care about who need to clean up their diets. (You’ll probably want to suggest my recent article about eating to meet your ancestral needs too.)


Love and chi,