Three Elements of Healing and SpiritualityWhen thinking about the tools people use to tap into healing and spirituality, faith (or belief), prayer and meditation rise to the top.

However, many folks have the mistaken perception these elements are virtually interchangeable and that all three are equally helpful to maintaining a healthy, happy life.

Fact is, these elements are very different in intention, direction and outcomes. All three may take you to spiritual places, but only one has no pre-set limits on where or how far you can go.

In our latest conversation for the CHEK Blog, Faculty Member Warren Williams and I dig deep into meditation, the best vehicle humans have for achieving personal growth and better overall health in very lasting and life-changing ways.

Belief and prayer can be helpful tools to get you started on a path to higher states of healing and spirituality, but in Warren’s view, both take you in one direction to one defined place.

Conversely, meditation opens you up to places beyond those end points, but it requires a quiet openness and an ability to let go of your perceptions.

Learn why meditation is the first step on the road to total awareness as Warren takes you on a spiritual journey beyond belief and prayer.