The Science of Exercise Selection: Part 1Selecting the best exercises for a client can be challenging, even for the most skilled exercise and rehab professionals.

With an array of exercises to consider, not to mention the influx of new technologies and the unique physical condition of your client, it’s a lot like walking into a buffet restaurant with a big appetite. You may starve from paralysis by analysis!

In CHEK classes, however, we teach seven principles that allow our practitioners to select the best exercises for their clients. To make this blog post more practical, I’ll use a short, fictitious case history to demonstrate how these principles work.

Sally, a 35-year-old mother of three young children, is a surgical nurse. She hired you as her personal trainer after hearing your name mentioned by some of your other satisfied clients. During your first session, Sally tells you her goals are to reduce body fat and alleviate the chronic back pain that has persisted since the birth of her third child.

Part one of this three-part blog series examin