You’ve heard me talk in my videos and Living 4D podcasts about the alchemical dictum As Above, So Below.

We have an amazing ability as humans — As Above — to create great things first in our minds, then begin to achieve them with great belief and a keen focus.

But, if your body is out of balance — So Below — and you’re not taking proper care of yourself, tension is created, distorting that delicate body-mind balance, thus you won’t access your full potential.

One important step you can take to create better body-mind balance for yourself: Take this journey with me to achieve a better understanding of the Chakra System, the seven main energy centers of your body.

After a brief introduction, part 1 of this series talks about the Root Chakra, the energy that comes from between your legs, vagina/testicles and rectum.

The overarching psychological themes behind the Root Chakra are safety and security, and I’ll give you some guidance on how to build relationships that support this in my video.

As we go on this journey, I recommend two things:

1. Take lots of notes and give yourself the gift of time to absorb the information I share here. (Each session requires a lot to work from you to make the kind of progress you want!)

2. You’ll need an excellent resource book to study the Chakra System while you’re watching my video series. The Book of Chakra Healing by Liz Simpson (Amazon link) is required reading for our Holistic Lifestyle Coaching students Level 2 and up at the CHEK Academy.

Love and chi,