Do you REALLY KNOW how much exercise your body really needs? Along those same lines, do you make informed choices about the kinds of exercises you do?

I’m really excited to share the first of a three-part series you can use along with my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy, to help you optimize your choices of exercise based on what your mind and body actually need.

Believe me, it’s extremely hard to determine the kind of exercise works best, not to mention the volume and intensity, if you don’t have any objective feedback system.

So many people let their emotions or addictions dictate how they proceed with exercise. Find the nearest aerobics class and you’ll see lots of “group torture” when most of those people would do their bodies far more good if they just took a nap under a tree…

Even athletes at the most elite level whose bodies help them earn large amounts of money just do what they’re told by coaches without questioning a thing. (Many coaches just write exercise programs on a blackboard regardless of their athletes’ individual needs.)

I spent a lot of time during my work day fielding questions and coaching clients who have made these mistakes largely due to a lack of awareness.

In this short series, I’ll be referring to a chart on my blackboard that will help you to determine when it’s safe to perform specific kinds of exercises and how much you should do. Honestly, most people, including professional athletes at the elite level, were never taught these things.

You’ll learn how to select ideal kinds of exercises based on matching up scores to questions that determine whether you’re in red, yellow or green zone.

I’ll also share five important tips you can use right now to enhance your well-being too! (I hope you’ll jump on my reading my free report on how to recognize a fungal or parasite infection, one way to get the most out of your exercise time.)

Love and chi,