Do you experience muscle twitches and cramps often?

Have you been feeling irritable or anxious and not getting nearly enough sleep lately?

Are you having a hard time (literally) with constipation?

If youโ€™re experiencing any or all of these symptoms, your body may not be getting enough magnesium, a very essential mineral found in every cell (and organ) of your body!

The presence of magnesium is so vital to your good health, considering how instrumental it is in countless biochemical functions behind the scenes that play important roles in your metabolism, the creation of protein and how your nerves and muscles work.

Here’s some benefits magnesium provides:

1: Helping your body break down sugars efficiently.

2: Improving the hydration of your skin

3: Teaming up with calcium to promote better bone health.

4: Maintaining a balance with your bodyโ€™s hormones that regulate your bodyโ€™s natural circadian rhythms and improve your sleep.

5: Boosting your performance in the gym.

6: Reducing symptoms of depression.

The average adult male needs about 400-420 mg of magnesium a day to make a healthy difference, while an adult female needs anywhere from 310-360 mg (depending on whether they are pregnant or not).

The good news: You can get the right amount of magnesium for your health from natural food sources like seeds (pumpkin and chia), nuts (almonds and cashews), black beans and spinach.

The bad news: Nearly half of all Americans donโ€™t consume enough magnesium in their daily diets, which means you may need a magnesium supplement to maintain that healthy balance.

If you do need a magnesium supplement, please check with your family physician first, especially if youโ€™re taking an antibiotic, a bisphosphonate (to treat osteoporosis) or any drug to ease acid reflux or high doses of zinc supplements (they can mess up your bodyโ€™s ability to regulate or absorb magnesium).

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