Sleep is one of the foundations of health and wellness, yet it doesn’t receive the respect or attention that it should.

You can be doing all of the right things — staying focused on your dynamic nutritional needs, movement, working in and working out, stress management and be thinking all the right thoughts — but, if you’re not sleeping well, pretty much all that good work is being wasted, says CHEK Faculty Member Jator Pierre in our latest video interview.

“From a CHEK perspective, if you’re focusing on your dream, it requires energy to change habits, look at underlying behaviors and [ask] the right questions,” Jator says. “If you’re out-gassing all of that energy doing all of these other things, but not getting a good night’s sleep, you’ll lack the energy you need to create your dream or have the energy to move toward your dream, whatever the goal or the vision that you’re working on.”

Jator describes health challenges you may already be facing by short-changing your sleep, some easy steps you can use to treat this problem and why camping may be the simplest way to reset your circadian clock.