The Habit is Fixed, But Needs ChangingA lot of what we believe about habits and how they “reform” nature simply aren’t true.

Habits shape the ways we react to the world, for the good and not so good. Each of us reacts to a personalized program created through repetition and modeling, largely from watching and learning cues from our parents.

But what happens when we want to change our habits?

How do we change our habits, especially in the hard cases, the meaningful cases that affect our wellbeing?

In my latest conversation with CHEK Faculty Member Warren Williams, we discuss the six-step process in which new habits are formed.

Learning that six-step process, Warren says, helps clients make a conscious effort to replace those bad habits with good ones.

Warren also describes the “crystal ball” tool that helps clients recognize bad habits by walking them through the consequences of holding onto these unhealthy patterns for as long as five years.

Once clients recognize their bad habits, a CHEK Professional can guide them to a place where they can recognize those challenges for what they really are — opportunities for growth — which help them see that life is happening FOR them rather than TO them.

If you’re struggling to make a change in your life or your clients are have a difficult time building healthy habits, you’re going to appreciate this video — check it out.