What makes you happy?

For many of you, that question sounds almost as daunting as the title of this series of blogs, intended to make you think long and hard about what good health really means.

Again, my goal with this video series — using the 4 Doctors as a model — is to help you fill in those blanks, so when someone asks you what good health means, your immediate response isnโ€™t โ€œI donโ€™t know.โ€

In this second part of my series, I focus on Dr. Happiness, our concept of what makes us happy in every aspect of our lives, and one of The Last 4 Doctors Youโ€™ll Ever Need. It permeates everything from how we play and relax to who we choose as a spouse to what we do to earn a living.

If youโ€™re not doing things that make you happy, youโ€™re doing the exact opposite. Itโ€™s not that complicated.

One warning: Donโ€™t put off this examination until your life is falling apart. If you do, it becomes much harder to do things that are creative, exploratory and important because youโ€™re pushed into survival mode. Your chances of being creative and thinking outside the box when youโ€™re in trouble drop drastically. So, make changes while the going is easiest!

My video tackles some basic questions that I believe are at the root of almost all unhappiness, disease and chronic fatigue.

  1. What is happy-making for me?
  2. What is my overarching dream? And, how do I earn a living and live?
  3. What are my current goals to accomplish my dream?
  4. What defines the core values that guide your choices?

Next time, weโ€™ll explore Dr. Movement, and how much and what kinds of movement you need to support good physical and mental health.

Love and chi,