The Breathing SquatZone Exercises are designed to move energy through different regions of your body. What’s unique here is that zones are areas where we want to bring our intentions, awareness and energy through breathing.

When I developed Zone Exercises based on the anatomy and physiology of the body and its subtle energy system, I wanted to create ones that didn’t require a lot of memorization of technique or comprehensive form to prevent the ego or intellect from being too activated.

All Zone Exercises are anchored to breathing. The first two-thirds of your breath should come from your belly and only the last third from your chest.

Generally, when you flex your body (going toward the fetal position), you want to be breathing out. When you’re coming out of the fetal position extension (moving away from the midline), you want to be moving in.

When you perform a Zone Exercise, like this video featuring the breathing squat, you’re working in. You’re bringing a highly charged subtle energy or life force energy that comes through the air called prana, a source of life force.

When you saturate your body and move your diaphragm effectively, not only does it give you enough life force energy, it helps move energy into areas where you’re holding onto pent-up emotions or old pains.

The secret about doing the breathing squat is to stay in that zone of ease. You should not feel stressed or taxed. You should be feeling harmonized with your breathing, environment and intention.

After doing this for 10 minutes or more, I’m confident you’ll feel much more centered and clearer and have more energy. If you do it daily, you’ll start recovering faster and sleep more deeply.

Watch my video for instructions on how to do the breathing squat and learn about more Zone Exercises by reading my book, How to Eat, Move and Be Healthy!

Love and chi,