The availability of good soil is really important to the quality of the organic foods we consume to keep us healthy, but it isn’t the only variable we need to consider.

In fact, the biggest of them all may be the one we don’t see, until we dig a little deeper…

After examining the health of our soils in part 2, I want to take you on a quick tour of the rhizosphere, the living space around the roots of plants inhabited by microorganisms.

In an ideal organic environment, plants enjoy a balance of diamagnetic and paramagnetic energy, water and minerals that keeps the microorganisms in the rhizosphere warm and healthy.

The result is the creation of a living matrix that has its own consciousness and, according to research, helps nearby plant species support each other by moving water and other resources where it’s needed, whether that’s in a garden or in nature.

There’s so much more going on underneath the soil that supports our good health in the rhizosphere than most people assume!

Love and chi,