Why train your body merely to look good in the mirror, when you can feel good and look good too?

Or, more to the point, does having “Six-Pack” abs really make a positive impact on your overall health?

London-based CHEK mentor and integrative health coach Warren Williams explains in this new video why the CHEK approach to training with a comprehensive, functional purpose is far more important for your overall health than a single-minded aesthetic approach that focuses on one thing: Looking good and “being ripped.”

You’ll better understand why muscle imbalances — often the product of a single-minded focus on only one set of muscles — tip the physical scale out of balance and create 95 percent of the idiopathic injuries many bodybuilders suffer from every day.

You’ll also learn why mastering the Swiss ball may be a better way to avoid the problems associated with weightlifting and restoring balance and stability to your core.

Ever watched a UFC event and wondered why the slimmer, smaller fighter often beats the bigger guy with muscles that look like they’ve been sculpted onto his body? Our latest video explains why the muscular guy may have a good-looking body but, as Warren smartly points out, “he can’t use it.”