Cultivate Healing with the Zen SwingThe Zen Swing is a chi (life force) cultivating exercise given to me by way of my soul so that I may share it with you and all who are ready to participate in creating their own wellbeing and reestablishing rhythm.

This simple exercise is a very effective means of reintegrating and healing the body, mind and spirit, as it harmonizes the body’s energy centers. Among its many benefits:

  • Improving the pumping of the circulatory and lymphatic system.
  • Reducing the production of stress hormones.
  • Elevating growth and immune hormone levels.

How to Do It

To perform the Zen Swing, stand relaxed with your knees slightly bent, like you’re hitting a golf ball. Gently begin swinging your hips, torso and arms back and forth as if you’re practicing a golf swing across the front of your body. Keep every part of your body as totally loose and relaxed as you can.

As you swing your body toward what would be the backswing position, allow your weight to rest 90 percent on the back leg.

Without any stopping at the top of the position, flow naturally into the downswing as though you were swinging at a golf ball. When you come to the end of the swing, allow your weight to shift to 90 percent on the front leg.

Continue this relaxing, unwinding swing pattern for as many minutes as you feel comfortable doing so. Allow your arms to swing naturally and you will find that by changing the angle of your swing, you can access any area of your spinal column that needs a little grease or loosening.

The Benefits

I have found that children naturally love to do the Zen Swing and if you have young kids around, they’ll happily do this exercise with you.

Sedentary folks who sit for long periods of time at their desks or on their couches really benefit by the gentle rocking of their hips too. Increased circulation to the joints and muscles help stabilize the pelvic girdle and tone the core.

For maximum energy cultivation, time the number of swings of your body so that the number of swings on the in-breath matches the swings on the out-breath.

Even as little as 10 minutes each day can benefit your sense of wellbeing, by brightening your emotions which produces energy, harmony and mental clarity.

Prepping For The Zen Swing

The best time to do the Zen Swing is at sunrise or sunset when the chi-field is strongest. I recommend that you wear loose-fitting clothing made of natural fibers and stand with your bare feet on soil, grass, or stone whenever possible.

This creates a connection to the earth, which allows all the trapped, chaotic energy of electromagnetic pollution to leave your body and anchors you to the naturally healing force of nature.

You’ll be amazed by how much lighter you feel when that chaos is gone. It may make you feel better to know that Mother Earth and her plant spirit helpers are very well equipped to take that chaotic energy and absorb it, then use it for their own growth and development (they are great recyclers).

There can be a temptation to turn the Zen Swing into an athletic event, but I strongly suggest that you resist it. To learn how to perform the exercise at the correct intensity, I suggest starting your initial practice sessions on a full stomach.

If you perform it correctly — in a relaxed manner — your digestion and elimination will improve. If you are too aggressive, however, you may need a second helping of food and that defeats the purpose of the exercise!

A Good Travel Tip

I’ve used the Zen Swing extensively, particularly when I’ve been traveling on long lecture tours. Road warriors understand when their inner energy is being depleted by time zone shifts, the needs of others and the challenges that naturally come with finding good food and a little quiet space while traveling.

The Zen Swing is so easy, I do it in airports and, occasionally, on airplanes. In fact, while I was waiting in London for a plane — heading back to LA after an intense seminar tour of three countries and several lectures in just a week — I felt the need to boost my immune system before sitting in the germ tube for another 10 hours.

I started doing the Zen Swing in the waiting area. After about 10 minutes, I could feel my chi bouncing back. I opened my eyes and, about 15 feet awayΒ was a pretty little Chinese woman imitating me.

When I opened my eyes, she felt me look and we made eye contact. Her look was one of, “Thank you. That’s a great idea!” No more was said, but we understood each other perfectly.

I was moved to gratitude to share the Zen Swing with such a lovely person. Who knows what benefit our willingness to be different had on the rest of the tired travelers in the terminal.

I hope to feel your beautiful chi swinging through space, so we can all be nourished by your willingness to heal by gently moving your body and cultivating peace within.

Love and chi,