Chi Circles: Simple Tai Chi For EveryoneTai chi is a gentle, effective form of moving meditation that combines breathing and working-in movements to create more balance and facilitate the accumulation of energy.

As you know, I don’t promote traditional tai chi, which requires a lot of memorization. Doing that merely diverts the attention of most folks away from their bodies and into their heads, thus defeating the purpose of doing it.

In this video, I’ll show you chi circles, a very simple tai chi exercise to master, by getting your breathing technique right — taking great care not to overdo it — and being aware of what space does to connect us to the life force energy that surrounds us.

Don’t forget to smile while you’re learning chi circles. Doing this not only helps you embrace tai chi, it puts you in charge of your own happiness, rather than waiting around for the world to do it for you.

Hopefully, watching my video will be just the prescription your body-mind needs to relax and let go of harmful, painful stress.

Love and chi,