Even though the COVID-19 downtime is far behind us, I know that lot of you are still searching for a purpose in your life…

While you’re waiting for a sign from something or somewhere to kindle that fire deep down inside, you’re merely going through the motions very unconsciously.

If that describes where you are right now, you’re probably feeling so down that just about anything or anyone can trigger you which makes that deep hole you’re in much harder to escape.

Rather than ruminate over past hurts and stinking thinking, I want to share a different perspective that will help you at the I, We and All levels with help from The Law of One, a website dedicated to helping people like you evolve.

In my video, you’ll learn how things that stress, trigger or challenge you are actually catalysts for growth, if you’re willing to be transformed into your higher, better self. Being awake and aware when these catalysts come rather than reacting to them creates so many more opportunities.

If you want to dive deeper into your growth, I recommend checking out my Evolve series on Living 4D podcasts, starting with how to evolve physically.

Love and chi,