Breathing and Movement IntegrationBreathing is the most important autonomic function of a living body. The average human being breathes nearly 26,000 times a day.

So, to say the quality of each breath you take has a huge impact on your overall body-mind balance and health — think posture — would be a huge understatement.

Many health problems — ranging from poor energy levels and neurological issues to poor digestion and elimination — are the result of poor breathing. That doesn’t take into account unresolved mental and emotional issues too.

At least 90 percent of the clients I’ve evaluated have had breathing pattern disorders. And, it didn’t matter whether they were athletes or housewives either.

The real challenge, as I see it, is an inability to take that intellectual knowledge of what good breathing does and apply it “below the neck” to integrate it with the movement of our bodies.

This video offers some basic instructions on breathing that can help you turn nearly any movement or exercise into an integration exercise.

Love and chi,