Tired Student

Photo courtesy of hackNY.org under Creative Commons. License.

  • Stressed out about your exams?
  • Do you struggle to stay focused or have problems recalling information?
  • Feeling exhausted, always looking for a quick energy fix?

As a parent are you:

  • Wondering what is best to feed them on exam days
  • Concerned your child is stressed, anxious and not sleeping?
  • Asking yourself how can I best support them right now?




Do these meals sound familiar to you or your children?

Breakfast: coffee and a bagel, or a muffin, or a bowl of muesli, Just Right, or Weet-bix, or may be Up and Go as you walk out the door? – Or worst, still nothing at all?

Morning snack: coffee, a muffin or cookies or chocolate

Lunch: a subway sandwich, or bag of chips, cookies or a soda

Afternoon snack: some sort of energy drink, chocolate or chips

Dinner: Pasta with pesto or tomato sauce

Late snack: chocolate and a cup of tea or if you’re studying into the night a few energy drinks to keep you going?

Choosing red bull, coke, coffee, no doze, and other stimulants to burn the midnight oil drains your brain and energy, suppresses your immune system and jacks up your central nerves system leaving you feeling tired but wired, anxious and stressed out. Not a recipe for top grades.