When you’re working on the mind-body connection with clients, it’s critical to understand how their archetypes — the ways they express themselves — really shape them as people.

Archetypes can help your clients understand where they’re situated in the game of life so they can minimize their stressors and use that knowledge to create more dream-affirmative, healthier lives.

In my video, you’ll learn a lot more about the work of Joseph Campbell and his seminal book, The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell on His Life and Work, along with how archetypes work.

I use the stages outlined in Campbell’s book to describe the challenges all of us go through, and whether we choose to remain within our socio-cultural lanes or break those molds and become the people we were truly meant to be.

I’ll show you ways to teach your clients how to recognize and respond to more information than just their rational ego-mind — their hearts and feelings — particularly when they wander so far away from where they really want to be.

You’ll also discover how understanding archetypes aligns so well with my 4 Doctors philosophies too.

If you want to delve deeper into archetypes, better understand the choices you make and learn how to let go of the patterns that get in the way of living your dreams, I hope you’ll listen to part 3 of my Living 4D Podcast series that shows you how to Evolve Yourself Mentally.

Love and chi,