During my decade-plus time of creating videos to share with you, many of the exercise-related ones have focused on performing a specific exercise or variations of them with good form.

I’ve gotten a ton of questions in the past from people who follow me about my approach to workouts, so I want to share this circuit workout featuring five exercises with you.

Before I start this workout, I use a 6-inch foam roller to help my joints loosen up and get my spine in the proper alignment. Besides restoring the proper balance, my goal is to create the kind of chi flow that serves as a reminder not to be in too much of rush (or I could get hurt).

The foam roller — I call it my $10 chiropractor — is a gentle tool that helps me relieve any soreness in my back and mobilize my glutes, hamstrings and sacrum after sitting at my desk a lot during the day.

These are the exercises I performed in four circuits:

  • Chin-up with a pike and assorted grips
  • Lateral lunge pull
  • Clubbell walking lunge with a twist
  • Single-arm Olympic bar row
  • Prone Swiss ball crawling forward and backward

One last thing I do before my workout gets into gear is to find some music, audiobook or podcast that inspires me. You’ll hear an audiobook — Matt Kahn’s Everything is Here to Help You — playing in the background.

Love and chi,