When people tell you about miracles they’ve experienced in their lives, is your first instinct to write them off as fables that have no basis in reality? Or, do you listen, pay attention and look for signs of truth?

Throughout human history, people assumed the world was flat, we would never fly in the air and cars would never become a necessity. All of those “realities” were proven wrong!

However, just because you can’t step out of a boat and walk on water doesn’t mean miracles do not exist. In part 2 of this short series on miraculous living with help from my 4 Doctors, I’ll show you how Dr. Happiness fuels your powers of creative expression to move beyond the laws of physics to create the life of your dreams.

For example, you can’t expect to accomplish extraordinary things in your life if you don’t have dreams that are bigger and more amazing than your current reality. It just can’t happen!

Curious about the existence of miracles? I highly recommend checking out, The Life and Teachings of the Masters of the Far East, an inexpensive six-volume set of books that studied the work of spiritual masters more than a century ago.

Love and chi,