Show Notes Episode 79 – Greg Schmaus: Overcoming OCD and the Mental Health Crisis

How can anyone struggling with a mental health condition like obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD) find relief safely and effectively while avoiding drugs altogether?

CHEK Practitioner Greg Schmaus describes how OCD became the greatest spiritual teacher in his life in this very healing Living 4D conversation.

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Show Notes

  • Paul helped Greg understand that OCD was one of the greatest gifts he ever received. (5:26)
  • An emergency surgery during Greg’s second semester as a NCAA Division I athlete marked the beginning of his five-year downward slide. (11:43)
  • How the trauma of OCD differs from other forms of mental illness. (17:42)
  • Linking multiple personalities, attention deficit hyperactivity syndrome (ADHD) and attachment syndromes. (24:23)
  • The misuse of psychedelics can lead to schizophrenia. (29:00)
  • A traditionally diagnosed mental health condition may be evidence of deeper psychic abilities. (35:08)
  • Your genes and mental illness. (42:01)
  • The gut-brain connection. (50:33)
  • Social media pushback = a dopamine hit. (1:04:43)
  • The CHEK approach: Allowing Greg’s OCD to work almost like a teacher or spirit guide. (1:18:48)
  • Power animal work stimulates the imagination and brings out one’s inner child. (1:25:20)
  • Stretching, mobilizations and breathing gave Greg “more room” to do the mental/emotional work associated with OCD. (1:31:53)
  • Sleep: The number one medicine for the body. (1:42:59)
  • Greg’s food challenges with OCD. (1:46:07)
  • The quality of water and the way you breathe are critical to your cognitive health. (1:53:44)
  • Sacred time: Meeting the needs of your mind and body. (2:02:54)
  • Getting clear about God can help mental health issues begin to lose their hold on you. (2:08:22)
  • Using electronic devices is just a passive way of becoming numb and unconscious. (2:15:52)
  • Having OCD and a strong work ethic went hand-in-hand in making Greg burn out on golf. (2:24:48)
  • The positive and negative sides of the addict archetype. (2:31:28)
  • Rather than getting rid of his OCD, Greg realized he had to let go of any need to change it. (2:39:21)
  • “For me, OCD was the greatest spiritual teacher I’ve ever had.” (2:50:01)


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