Show Notes Episode 73 – Paul Saladino: Welcome to Carnivore Eating, Nutrition in Meat Diets

Is it possible or really healthy to eat a diet primarily based on animal flesh foods?

Paul goes deep into the nutritional value of consuming more flesh foods and nose-to-tail eating with Dr. Paul Saladino, author of the newly released book The Carnivore Code, in this meaty Living 4D podcast.

Learn more about Paul’s work on his website, Carnivore MD, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and his Fundamental Health Podcast series.

Show Notes

  • During his undergrad work, Paul found the doctors he knew in college were unhappy people fighting against the system. (8:05)
  • Experiencing a broken medical system that treats symptoms rather than root causes created a crisis of faith for Paul after becoming a physician’s assistant. (14:04)
  • Paul’s decision to change the practice of medicine from the inside. (21:39)
  • “We can’t heal a person physically until we understand their story.” (26:20)
  • Processed foods = a food opiate system. (30:01)
  • Alpha diversity. (35:00)
  • Can a carnivorous diet be the foundation for most humans? (42:41)
  • Nose-to-tail eating: The ultimate human multivitamin. (53:04)
  • Is eating a pound of meat every day too much for many people? (1:06:41)
  • Cholesterol: The biggest hoax on the planet. (1:18:41)
  • “In people who are insulin-resistant or diabetic, LDL is fuel for the fire.” (1:24:55)
  • Is Mother Nature “stupid” or are we too disconnected from nature? (1:33:33)
  • Why does vitamin K2 matter? (1:37:28)
  • Paul suggests people are getting their vitamin C from animal flesh foods rather than plants. (1:43:13)
  • “We can’t do intuitive eating if our biology is broken.” (2:02:59)
  • The quality of the soil is critical to the safety and nutritional value of our foods. (2:07:29)